Wash & Fold Testimonials

Just want to say what a great job was done on my bedding. My dog had an injury and bled on my bed. It was on my duvet cover and went right through to the duvet. They managed to get it all out and everything was so clean and smelled nice too.

It was my first experience with your business, but I will be a repeat customer for sure.


i am in love! thank you so very much!!
my neighbour – whose dog nearly ran you over! was so impressed… hopefully you’ll have another customer from [here]!!
will be in touch for the next ‘load’ of fun!
thanks again


I just tried Beaches Solar Laundromat. So impressed with their pick-up and delivery service, beautifully folded, fast excellent service and so reasonable. Thanks Alex, you are a pleasure to deal with and your service is amazing!


That was awesome service.  I loved reading “The Back Story” as well.  I am so impressed.  Thank you!!!  I have made payment through Paypal.


i swear i feel like magic happened today. thank you SO MUCH for everything. send me your invoice when it’s ready. i will organize another pickup for the morning of thursday july 14 – before 9 am 😉
thank you!


an Airbnb host

Sounds great and thanks so much again !! Just email me and I will pay again !!! You guys are the best EVER !!! This is life changing !!  You have no idea !!!